R-Value of RetroFoam™ Insulation

Thermal Resistance & R-ratings

  • The effectiveness of Insulation materials is measured by their thermal resistance, called R-value. For example, on fiberglass bats there will be a rating like R-13. This means the product has a total thermal resistance of 13. For comparison, the same thickness of wood would have an R-value of approximately 4.0. A plain window typically has an R-value between 1 and 2. An R-value of R-0 would indicate no thermal resistance at all, like an open doorway. When the door is open there is nothing resisting the heat from passing through. Every wall in a house has an R-value that is different based on the thickness of the walls and the number of doors and windows that are installed.
  • Accredited 3rd party testing lab has calculated values of RetroFoam in typical wall construction to range between 14.5 to 23.7 depending on the thickness of the wall and foam.
  • Many homes with 2X4 studs can have R-values up to 16.0 when RetroFoam is installed
  • That means better insulation. This saves you money on utility bills.