Our Story

We are one big family of RetroFoam dealers and customers.


From Working with Homeowners to Helping Out Our Fellow RetroFoam Dealers – We’re All About Family Here

In 2002, RetroFoam of Michigan became the first RetroFoam dealer in the United States and really helped pioneer the way for other dealers.

Over the years, we have expanded and grown as a business, making it a point to educate homeowners along the way through a vast collection of articles, videos, and guides to educate them about all things foam insulation. As time went on, we found fellow RetroFoam dealers visiting us more often to learn how we did things and also started helping them reach homeowners in their local markets. 


We all believe in helping each other out.

We all started as small mom-and-pop operations, even at the corporate level, and we all believe in helping each other out. 

In our efforts to help our fellow contractors, when the opportunity to acquire RetroFoam came about, it only made sense to take on the responsibility of taking our education and dealer support to a larger scale.

For more than 35 years, RetroFoam has built a large network of dealers. As the ownership changes, those efforts will continue as we all work to make homes more comfortable and energy-efficient across the country.


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Your RetroFoam Support Team

Our RetroFoam Dealer Network

RetroFoam dealers make up a large network that spans across 28 states in the U.S.

Each of these dealers goes through specific training on how to install RetroFoam insulation expertly. As part of the RetroFoam family, dealers are brought together to network and share their ideas and techniques with fellow dealers. 

We are always looking for new dealers to join the family.

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