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Julius Trapps, RetroFoam Customer

“I would recommend it to anybody.”

It’s pretty common that older homes have little to no insulation anywhere in them.

Julius Trapps has been updating his older home with new technology and ran across this very problem. He added a new furnace and knew adding new insulation was the best way to go.

“I always look to get a return on my money within a five-year period,” Julius said. “I figured it would pay for itself in less than five years. I would recommend it to anybody.”

The energy-efficient home Julius was looking to create is now a reality that will save him money in the long run.

Julius Trapps, RetroFoam Customer

Jeff Miller, RetroFoam Customer

“The difference it made was unbelievable.”

Heating and cooling costs are on the rise, and many homeowners are looking for a reprieve.

“I would tell anybody to do it,” Jeff Miller said. “It seems pretty pricey to begin with, but just from my own account, I would say between a four- and five-year payback and the rest of your life, you’re making money. Not to mention being comfortable. The difference it made was unbelievable.”

Now, there’s no drafts or air in the house, and it’s always warm and comfortable. Jeff said now it costs him less than a house half his size to heat and cool his home.

Jeff Miller, RetroFoam Customer

Kevin Volker, RetroFoam Customer

“I was quite impressed.“

Discovering frost on your car windows in the winter is normal, but finding it on the interior walls of your home is a real problem. 

That’s precisely what happened to Kevin Volker, so he decided to update his existing wall insulation with RetroFoam.

Kevin’s home has siding, and the front is all brick. He said the crews removed the siding and drilled into the mortar around the brick, but you wouldn’t know it by looking.

“You can’t even tell they were there,” Kevin said.

Kevin Volker, RetroFoam Customer


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