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Indiana Spray Foam is an Injection Foam and Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Serving Central and Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland

Founded in 2006, Indiana Spray Foam has a location in Lowell and Indianapolis, IN.

The company’s objective is to create more energy-efficient, healthy, and quieter homes. Indiana Spray Foam works hard to ensure they deliver a positive return on the property investment the homeowners they work with have made.

Indiana Spray Foam offers both RetroFoam injection foam and spray foam insulation. The air seal these two products create stops airflow into and out of the home in a way that traditional insulations can’t.

The foam insulation products this company offers are one of the greenest improvements a homeowner can make to their home. Adding foam insulation to the house also helps reduce a homeowner’s carbon footprint, as the air seal it creates will help lower monthly energy usage and bills.

“Indiana Spray Foam, in my opinion, and my experience, is one of the best or if not the best companies out there. They are priced very well, and their quality exceeds any other companies out there. I had injection foam done on my existing home. It cut the outside sound in half. We no longer hear wind unless it’s really whipping, and our furnace is running half the time. They completed the job in one day, were very clean, very respectful, and had masks on. I would highly recommend this company to anybody for insulation needs. They have my future business for life!!”

Travis W.

Are You Fed Up With an Uncomfortable House and High Energy Bills?

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Turn Your House Into the Home of Your Dreams With RetroFoam

Local homeowners are turning to RetroFoam insulation to keep the outside air out and inside air in - right where it belongs.

The results? A more comfortable and energy-efficient home your family will love.

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