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Gateway RetroFoam is an Injection and Spray Foam Insulation Contractor Serving St. Louis and the Surrounding Areas

Gateway RetroFoam proudly serves St. Louis, Missouri, and the surrounding areas.

Specializing in RetroFoam insulation for existing walls and homes, Gateway RetroFoam aims to save their customers significant money by lowering monthly energy bills while making their homes quiet and comfortable during those cold winters and hot summers.

Excellent customer experience is essential to everyone at Gateway RetroFoam and each RetroFoam install comes with a lifetime warranty for the life of the house. 

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Spire Energy Financing Available

Gateway RetroFoam is a partner with Spire Energy for special low-interest financing to re-insulate your existing home with RetroFoam insulation, to those who qualify*. You can even pay for your purchase on your monthly gas bill!

RetroFoam is a foam insulation that is injected into existing walls and can help homeowners increase their home comfort and energy efficiency, and comes with a Gateway RetroFoam lifetime warranty for the life of the house. Contact us for more information. 

*To qualify for the Spire Energy financing, the home’s attic insulation needs to be less than 12 inches and the applicant’s credit score needs to be 650 minimum (only 1 homeowner needs to apply). Other financing options are available.

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Best customer service experience we’ve ever had in our lives. These guys go out of their way to make your problem THEIR problem. They work super hard and do a great job, are personable, friendly, skilled, and honest. There is no way anyone would ever regret working with them. They found ways to do a difficult job for us that everyone else said was impossible to do. Highly recommend!

Stephen S.

Are You Fed Up With an Uncomfortable House and High Energy Bills?

Poor insulation in your exterior walls may be letting in outside air, causing annoying problems in the home such as...

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Turn Your House Into the Home of Your Dreams With RetroFoam

Local homeowners are turning to RetroFoam insulation to keep the outside air out and inside air in - right where it belongs.

The results? A more comfortable and energy-efficient home your family will love.

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Why Use RetroFoam Insulation to Re-Insulate Existing Walls?

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