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How Long Does Home Insulation Last? Blog Feature
Amanda Emery

By: Amanda Emery on August 2nd, 2021

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How Long Does Home Insulation Last? (Quick Answer)

RetroFoam injection foam insulation will last forever -- or at least as long as your home is standing. Injection foam insulation, like RetroFoam, won’t shift, settle, sag, or deteriorate as fiberglass or cellulose will over time or if it comes in contact with moisture.

Now to go into deeper detail on this.

When investing in your home, like with a material like RetroFoam, you’re probably wondering does foam insulation degrade over time?

Will injection foam insulation be a one-time purchase, or will it need to be updated and replaced as time goes on?

This comes more into play when discussing traditional insulation options like fiberglass or cellulose. Foam insulation doesn’t have these same issues of shifting, sagging, or settling over the years, but we’ll explain that more in just a moment.

RetroFoam has been providing superior injection foam insulation to homeowners across the country for more than 35 years. Our mission is to create homes that will be more comfortable and energy-efficient without the need for constant insulation maintenance or replacement.

Educating homeowners is one of our favorite things to do. Below, you will find information on how long traditional insulation lasts in the home and how long spray foam and injection foam insulation lasts.

How Long Does Home Insulation Last?

There isn’t a definitive expiration date on home insulation because there are a few factors determining whether it needs to be replaced.

Let’s take a look at how long home insulation lasts and the best time to replace that old insulation.

How Long Does Fiberglass Insulation Last?

Fiberglass insulation is known to begin to sag after a while, especially in the attic or crawl space.

This is because there is usually moisture in these areas, which can weigh the material down. 

The fiberglass insulation can lose its insulation abilities in your walls if there is moisture or if you have a rodent infestation.

So, in a perfect world with no complications, your fiberglass could last 80 to even 100 years. But realistically, gravity exists, and so does moisture caused by air movement, so you’re looking at more like 15 to 30 years.

How Long Does Cellulose Insulation Last?

Along with a diminished life expectancy, cellulose insulation also needs to be constantly maintained to ensure coverage.

Cellulose is known to shift and settle where it has been installed, especially where air leaks are present. This is because it’s essentially recycled newspaper that has been repurposed into cellulose insulation, so the slightest air movement will cause it to move around.

Cellulose insulation’s lifespan given these circumstances is 20 to 30 years, but it must be maintained several times a year by raking it or adding to it depending on where it’s installed.

How Long Does Spray Foam Insulation Last?

Spray foam insulation and injection foam insulation, like RetroFoam, will last in your home forever, or more realistically, as long as it is standing.

Foam insulation doesn’t have the same issues that can be brought about by air movement and moisture. That’s because it creates an air seal that just isn’t possible with traditional insulation. That air seal stops air movement, which is the main culprit for the shifting and settling of cellulose. It also doesn’t retain the water it comes in contact with, like fiberglass.

Injection foam insulation and spray foam never break down or lose shape over time and don’t lose their insulating capabilities as the years go by.

Adding RetroFoam Insulation to Your Existing Walls

Now that you know adding RetroFoam insulation to your home is a one-time purchase, you might have some more questions about how it works, how it’s installed, and, more importantly, how it can save you money.

You can find a ton of helpful resources in the Learning Center on our website. If you’re looking for a RetroFoam installer in your area, check out the Dealer Finder.

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