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Sealing the Comfort Gap: Treating Your Home Like a Fridge

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Sealing the Comfort Gap: Treating Your Home Like a Fridge Blog Feature
Eric Garcia

By: Eric Garcia on August 24th, 2023

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Imagine walking into your kitchen and finding your refrigerator door wide open.

You’d be baffled and concerned, right? That’s because you understand the value of sealing in the cold air. Just as you wouldn’t tolerate an open fridge door, you shouldn’t tolerate air leaks in your home.

Our RetroFoam dealers nationwide work to help homeowners seal those air leaks to make their homes more comfortable and energy efficient.

Let’s explore how sealing your home’s comfort gaps is as crucial as shutting that fridge door.

The Refrigerator Analogy and Home Air Sealing

Your refrigerator isn’t just a place to store food – It’s a self-contained system designed to keep things cool efficiently.

Similarly, your home should be viewed as a holistic unit. If you’re insulating only parts of your house, it’s like leaving some sides of the insulated and others exposed. This inconsistency leads to energy wastage and discomfort. 

Like an open fridge door lets cool air escape, tiny penetrations in your walls, attic, and crawl space act as pathways for unwanted hot or cold air to get inside your home. These air leaks disrupt the comfortable environment you’re trying to create and force your heating or cooling systems to work overtime.

It’s a recipe for energy wastage and higher monthly heating and cooling costs.

How to Fix Air Leaks in a House with RetroFoam Insulation

Creating a comfortable and energy-efficient home is a science.

Properly sealing your home ensures that you’re saving energy and enhancing your overall living experience. 

Think about how efficiently your fridge works when its door is closed. The same principle applies to your home – Seal it tight for maximum comfort and energy savings.

We get it – finding a contractor to insulate your existing walls can be a real challenge. 

But fear not because RetroFoam has your back. Our specialty is air sealing homes, ensuring every nook and cranny is perfectly insulated. Say goodbye to air leaks and hello to ultimate comfort and savings.

Are you ready to transform your home into a haven of comfort and energy efficiency?

It’s time to take action. Visit our Find a Dealer page to find a local RetroFoam reseller who can help seal your home's comfort gaps.

Just as you wouldn’t allow your fridge to waste energy, ensure your home is properly sealed for optimal comfort.

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About Eric Garcia

Eric brings his knowledge and training in building science, training in spray and injection foams from the manufacturers, more than eight years installing foam insulation, as well as selling and managing in the foam insulation industry. He is also BPI and Dale Carnegie certified and has taken several building science courses, including air sealing and building envelope. Eric is the Professor of Foam on our educational YouTube series Foam University. Even when Eric is off he is usually still “working” or thinking about work, but when he can get away he enjoys camping, hiking, hunting, and woodworking.